Mommy Fun Fact #3 ~ hang it up with a free and easy drying rack

#3 Hang it up

Little M makes a MESS when she paints, when she is done there is usually paint on her nose, her elbows and yes sometimes on her toes.  There is always paint on the back of the paper.  Of course when I would set the papers out to dry they would stick to whatever they were resting on.  I can’t remember if it was me, or my brilliant Mom, who came up with this idea.  Whoever it was, its too good not to pass on!  I started collecting pant hangers from the store, you know the ones you throw away when you get home.  I just clip the art to the hanger and hang it outside.  Ta da a free and easy drying rack!  In the picture I used an adult hanger, but I find the kids size comes in really handy as well.

 This post is a part of the Mommy Fun Fact series.



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