Minute To Win It Games for Kids

It turns out that Chuck E. Cheese’s and I have something in common! We are both turning 40 this year. I still have a few months to go but Chuck E. Cheese’s gets to celebrate this month.

To celebrate 40 years of fun, Chuck E. Cheese’s is hosting a world-record breaking party… A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM record breaking party in fact!

On May 19, families are invited to visit their local Chuck E. Cheese’s to be a part of the “Most People Blowing Party Blowers Simultaneously for 10 Seconds” world-record breaking event.

Every child that comes in on Friday, May 19th will receive a free slice of cake and 40 free tickets, while supplies last, regardless of participation in the record-breaking stunt. The event starts at 8:40 PM EST/ 7:40 CST/ 6:40 PM MST/ 5:40 PST. Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the event starts.

In order to get our family pumped for Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday extravaganza I rounded up some GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ records and turned them into Minute To Win It games.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

Minute To Win It games are the perfect way to have some family fun. They can be used for celebrating a birthday or give you something to do together after school.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

Minute To Win It Game #1 – How many chocolate candies can you eat in one minute… using chopsticks?

The interesting thing about this game was that we thought using chopsticks would be the hard part. We were wrong. Chewing and swallowing took the most amount of time!

What you need: small bowl, chocolate candies and chopsticks.

  • Fill a small bowl with chocolate candies.
  • Grab a pair of chopsticks (you’ll want a set for each player).
  • Set the timer for 60 seconds.
  • Pick one or two people to keep count as one player eats the candies using chopsticks.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

Minute To Win It Game #2 – How many socks can you sort in one minute?

You have a huge advantage if you’re the one who does laundry in your house!

What you need: a huge pile of socks. (Make sure they all have a match.)

  • Dump all of the socks in a pile and mix them up.
  • Set the timer for 60 seconds.
  • Sort as many socks into pairs as you can before the time runs out.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

Minute To Win It Game #3 – How far can you blow a pea in one minute?

You might need to get creative with this one, the best place we found to measure distance was around our kitchen island.

What you need: a small can of peas and space to blow the pea. 

  • Pick a pea from the can.
  • Set the timer for 60 seconds.
  • Blow the pea as far as you can before the time runs out.
  • Mark your spot.
  • After everyone has taken a turn, measure who’s pea made it the farthest.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

Minute To Win It Game #4 – How many ice cream scoops can you stack in one minute?

This game can be altered a bit depending on the age of the players. Scooping the ice cream out is the hard part. For little players, you might want to have someone else do the scooping.

What you need: ice cream, ice cream scoop and flat surface (plate or cutting board).

  • Set the time for 60 seconds.
  • Scoop ice cream from the tub.
  • Stack scoops on a cutting board or plate.
  • Keep your ice cream tower steady!
  • See how how many scoops you can get in one minute.

We had a blast with these 5 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ inspired Minute To Win It games.

Minute To Win It Game #5 – How tall can you build a block tower in one minute?

Bring out the blocks. Ready, set… build!

What you need: blocks and measuring tape.

  • Collect blocks. I choose to gather only two types of blocks for this game.
  • Set the timer for 60 seconds.
  • Build the tallest tower you can that stands on it’s own.
  • Measure the structure and compare heights after everyone takes a turn.

2 ways to win!

Chuck E. Cheese’s knows how to celebrate a birthday! The birthday star gets 1,000 tickets (for a limited time only) and there are new birthday party themes you can choose from including: “Party Like a Rock Star,” “Dressed in Pink Party,” “Sports, Sports, Sports” and “Chuck E. Super Fan” making their birthdays bigger and better than ever!

In honor of its own birthday, Chuck E. Cheese’s is hosting a daily sweepstakes to celebrate 40 years of fun. To enter, fans can head over to Chuck E. Cheese’s sweepstakes.

Enter for a chance to win 1,000 tickets and a guest pass to Chuck E. Cheese’s right here on this post. To enter, leave a comment sharing a Chuck E. Cheese’s memory. Giveaway ends May 18, 2017.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older (or nineteen (19) years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Winners will be selected via random draw on May 19, 2017, and will be notified by e-mail. You will have 2 business days to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I remember taking my daughter for the first time when she was 4 she loved it her eyes were as big as saucers..My hubby did also..:)It was an unforgettable trip because a boy got stuck inside one of the glass boxes where they try to get a stuffed animal it was wild…

  2. i actually had my oldest sons 4th birthdayat chuck e cheese.. we had so much fun and the kids enjoyed dancing and eating!

  3. We took my oldest son to Chuck E. Cheese a few years ago and we had so much fun! We were able to get our picture taken and it’s now displayed on my dresser! I really enjoyed our time there together!

  4. My daughter was the saver…she only got a small toy each time and saved her tickets for big items

  5. I remember having the best time with my sister and friends when we went there. I loved the live show that they had when I was a kid.

  6. Sadly, I’ve never been there! But my kids are finally old enough this year, that I’ll be taking them this summer.

  7. There was a Chuck E. Cheese in the town I grew up in. We went there all the time until they turned it into a Nathans. The ball pit was my favorite!

  8. I LOVED Chuck E Cheese as a kid! I remember that younger kids didn’t know about tickets, so they would just leave them in the machine for anyone to get!

  9. I remember my girl when she was a toddler riding in the car that takes the pictures with chuckie

  10. My favorite chuck e cheese memory was the first time I took my little boy when he was barely 2 years old. I loved experiencing all of the fun right along with him! It’s one of his favorite places to go.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. The last time I was at Chuck E Cheese was for my only grandson’s birthday party when several relatives showed up and surprised him. It was an awesome day.

  12. I remember the first time I brought my kids, I was surprised to find that the pizza was so good!

  13. My favorite Chuck E. Cheese memory is having my 5th birthday party with all my classmates and dancing to the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band.

  14. My daughter had her make a wish party there and the staff at chuck e cheese made it so memorable for her and her wish coordinator was so great. It made her wish trip so much better with such a great experience

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  15. When our kids were little, we had tons of parties there, now we take the grands there for birthday parties. We have never had a bad time there.

  16. My favorite Chuck E Cheese memory is when we took our daughter for the first time. I was pregnant with my son and she was in heaven. I have never seen her so excited! We won a ton of tickets and she picked out a bracelet and a bunch of stickers. I can’t wait to take my son too! 🙂

  17. I remember the music and the noisey kids playing and the large pizzas at my grandsons birthday party.

  18. I took my 4 grandchildren and it was so much fun watching their little faces having so much fun.

  19. We had my son’s 3rd birthday at Chuck e Cheese. It was the first time anyone in our entire family had ever been. We had so much fun.

  20. I loved taking my girls and grand girls there. I still have the pictures years later that little car takes while they are riding in it. I love their pizza too.

  21. My childhood was filled with Chuck e Cheese memories. I remember having some of the best birthday parties there. I remember the pizza, the arcade games and the animal electronics that where kind of creepy. I think my kids would love to see the inside of this place.

  22. I actually haven’t brought my kids to a Chuck e Cheese yet but I know they would love it! I remember my grandparents bringing me as a kid and it was a highlight of my summer!!

  23. First I would like to say what great games you have posted!!!
    Fond memory is when I was younger and my parents allowed me to have my party there. I loved it and it was super special.
    Also, coming in with my report card and getting tokens!

  24. I remember being terrified of the talking character sin the show when I was young and losing my oldest in the tunnels as a mom.

  25. I just remember going there for my friend’s party’s growing up! It was fun to play games and eat pizza!

  26. My Chuck E Cheese memory is when I brought my daughter there for the first time and she just kept going on a slide they had there over and over.

  27. My only child is about to turn 4, and we have yet to take him to Chuck e cheese, but I would love to take him for his 4th birthday in June! I used to go a lot when I was young!

  28. I just remember how much fun it was to bring my nice there when she was little. Pizza, fun, games, and redeeming the tickets for a prize was amazing to her. I miss those days.

  29. One of my favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s memory is when we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. She was having a blast, eating pizza and cake all by herself like a big girl. Everyone had a great time.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  30. My sixth birthday was at Chuck E cheeses! I still have the pictures with my friends and cousins having fun! Tokens and pizza is all you need (:

  31. We only knew of Chuck E Cheese because we lived in an area that did not have one. The commercials played there, and the kids wanted to go, but we didn’t have a local one. When we moved to a new town, we literally passed the place on our way into town, so we stopped and that was our first meal in our new hometown.

  32. My best memory at Chuck E Cheese was we went to my daughters friends birthday. Something got messed up with the party and they ended up letting all of the kids get in that magic birthday ticket booth and get tickets. The kids had a blast and they all had a bunch of tickets.

  33. I don’t have a memory because I have never been there but I would love to load up the grandkids and visit one

  34. The last time I went to Chuck E. Cheese was with my son and his 4 children. It was so much fun watching the kids having so much fun.

  35. I love Chuck E. Cheese’s! I have this random memory of drinking lots of free soda refills there as a kid.

  36. I remember my little cousin and sister both hiding under the tables whenever they saw chucky or the other people coming near.

  37. We took my daughter to Chuck E Cheese for the very first time on her first birthday! She has loved it since!

  38. Our most recent trip…which happened to be our very first trip! I had never been to one before and we decided to stop after a long day of shopping. My daughter had a blast and we enjoyed a nice dinner together. We both had fun playing all the games and she loved getting to dance with him when he came out too!

  39. My favorite memory was two years ago for a cousins birthday we went. Our little one was terrified of Chuckie….and would not get out of his chair. Chuckie was so good with the kids…by the end of the party….he loved Chuckie and was following him around everywhere! I love how great they are with the kids!!!!

  40. Taking my nephew and teaching him to play some of the games like skeeball and then playing basketball with my son are two great memories. My son is a little scared of people in costumes but Chuck E. didn’t scare him. There have been some great times at Chuck E. Cheese and actually the food is pretty good too!

  41. Every year I take my son out of school early on his birthday for a day at Chuck E Cheese. He’s 9 this year and still looks forward to it erinnsluka@gmail

  42. I am 44 years old and was a young girl when my grandparents surprised me with a visit to a new “fun place” in town. It was Chuckie Cheese. I clearly remember dancing with a life-sized “mouse” and playing so many fun games. I would love to share this experience with my three children ages 9, 10 and 12. How fun!

  43. My 9 year old daughter loves to go to Chuck E. Cheese. She was afraid of Chuck E. in the beginning, but now it is all good.

  44. I remember when I was a kid eating a chuck e cheese pizza for my birthday one year
    and playing all the games.

  45. We celebrated my son’s fourth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids all loved winning tickets at the games and turning them in for prizes!

  46. We just celebrated our son’s third birthday at Chuck E. Cheesse three months ago. We all loved that place!
    Thank You

  47. With my oldest daughter’s first visit to Chuck E. Cheese, he came over and patted her on the head unexpectedly. She hid under the table for the rest of the night. Would love to take my nephews because they have never had a chance to go.

  48. I remember getting the cutest picture of me and my daughter in one of those booths there that turn your pic into a drivers license. So cute!

  49. I actually remember when it was called Showbiz. But I’ve taken my son to Chuck E Cheese as he was growing up, we always had a lot of fun.

  50. A few years ago, my family wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. The grandchildren were 2.4 and 7. I knew they would be bored at a steak house. So I said we are going to Chuck E Cheese’s! Gosh those kids were happy and we had a nice relaxed time. Every once in a while my grandson will say when are we going to Chuck E Cheese’s for your birthday again Nana!

  51. A memory would be taking my nieces to Chuck E. Cheese’s. They LOVE it and had so much fun! 🙂

  52. We celebrated a birthday for grandson a few years ago, he had a great time playing all the games!

  53. I used to take my daughter. My grandson is 4 and I want to take him now. .This woul d be so fun!

  54. Chuck E. Cheese has always been a favorite with my son ever since he was a wee tiny tot.. It was a tradition to save the pics taken from the Chuck E. Cheese train. I have so many of those that it became a Chuck E. Cheese Train pic scrapbook!

  55. We took my fiancés daughter to Chuck E Cheese in November for her 6th birthday! She had so much fun playing games with all of her friends and won so many tickets! It was a blast! ?

  56. My favorite memory is when I went with my mom, sister and nieces and watched them have fun playing the games and getting on the rides

  57. My kids always have a great time when we go to Chuck E Cheese! One of the best times is when we took my Mother-in-law for her first time ever! My kids were running her all around. Seeing my kids getting to share one of their favorite places with her was priceless! My 5 year old daughter has the picture of her, her brother, my mother in law, and Chuck E Cheese himself in a frame in her room!

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