Letter of the Week ~ X ~ X tile spacers

I read a post a while back that really got me thinking.  Amanda at Not Just Cute put out an Alphabet Chart Recall.  It’s worth reading, especially if you are in the process of teaching letters.  Her focus for the article is the Letter X and how hard it is to match X with an object familiar to kids.  I’ll let you read what Amanda has to say, I would love to know what you think.  Leave me a comment, maybe we can get a full blown discussion going!

what you need:  Letter X ~ construction paper ~ X tile spacers ~ glue

My hubs was putting in tile once, a long long time ago.  I stole his bag of tile spacers…he hasn’t laid tile since so I doubt he noticed.  They are perfect little X’s.  You can find tile spacers at the hardware store and they are CHEAP.

Have your little one glue the tile spacers on to the Letter X.

Ta Da!

We are reaching the end of the alphabet… but don’t worry starting in September I will be post a Letter of the Week Activity to go along with the Letter of the Week Art.


  1. Hooray! The girls and I have been working on our books and are currently at U. Seriously, they are obsessing about letter art. Glad that X is up…I was brainstorming and COULD NOT come up with anything for it! 🙂

    1. I guess I better make sure Y and Z are on time! Glad to hear the girls are enjoying the Letter of the Week!

  2. I did these with my class and they were a BIG hit; orange paper, purple X, orange tile spacers. My problem was that the spacers started falling off when everything was dry and I tried to put them on the walls for display. I’m glad everyone in my school is tolerant of my 3’s class, they’ve been leaving orange x’s outside of my door for a week (those that have fallen off while walking down the hallway to go home!)

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