Letter of the Week – Letter G – Granola

Today I am sick… blah and even though Mom life goes on, blog life will have to take a back seat.  (Sort of 😉 ).  I promised you the Letter G and the Letter G you will get.  My plan was to make Granola with M and M. I don’t want to be touching food today (especially not food that we will be munching on for a week.)  So instead of telling you what we did… I will tell you what we are going to do.

We will use this recipe…

these yummy ingredients…

 these measuring tools…

this mixing tool…

these hands (washed first of course)…

to make the most delicious homemade granola we have ever eaten.

While we are cooking I will make a point to

  • use the word GRANOLA a lot… emphasizing the G
  • talk about other words that start with a G sound
  • let the kids measure the ingredients
  • drool over the smell filling the house while it bakes
  • eat some warm… because I just can’t wait

Okay… maybe I’m not too sick to make some granola… mmmmm.

Grab the Letter G art lesson, too!



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