Good games for toddlers and preschoolers

Are you looking for some fun games that you can play with your toddler? I borrowed my sweet little niece (she just turned 3) and a few of her favorite games. My sister filled me in on the modifications that make these games even MORE toddler appropriate and now I get to share them with you…

Good games for toddlers and preschoolers

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Love this list of games for toddlers and preschoolers


Hi Ho Cherry-O has been a favorite of ours since our preschool teaching days. Over the years the game has been updated and changed a bit. It sure is bright and cheerful!

  • Add some extra learning (hmmm… who would have thought you’d find that here? Hee hee.) Count out loud as you or your little one removes the cherries. Talk about the colors of the fruit.
  • Modify the game. The new version uses a puzzle to put together as you play. If your little one doesn’t have an extra long attention span you might want to leave that out. Shorten the game by making “spill the basket” a spin again space.


Love this list of games for toddlers and preschoolers


Candy Land Castle Game is one my sister loves. It’s gone through all three of her girls as a toddler favorite. The kids pull a candy cane, a shape flies out of the castle and then can be placed on the matching space. Easy, hands on and fun!

  • Add some extra learning. Talk, talk, talk. This game sets you up with the opportunity to repeat shapes and colors again and again. Take it a step further by making patterns with the pieces.
  • Variations. Play against each other or lay out all four gingerbread men taking turns filling in the spaces. Play with 4 people or show your toddler how to play alone.


Love this list of games for toddlers and preschoolers


Memory Game – Disney Princess Edition. Memory is a winner no matter how it’s packaged!  You can find memory games for whatever character, theme or interests that your little ones are into. Or use cards you already have. All you need is a stack of cards that have a match.

  • Add some extra learning. Make memory cards with the intention of teaching something. We make memory sight word cards all the time. You could make cards with shapes, colors, letters, anything really. They don’t have to be anything fancy to work. Let your little one help you check to make sure all the pairs have their match. This is a great way to get them seeing the match ahead of time and keeps you from playing the entire game with a missing piece.
  • Modify the game. If you are using a store bought set, there are probably way too many cards. Take out 10-20 cards (5-10 matches) and use only those. If it seems too easy or goes too quick use more the next time.

Love this list of games for toddlers and preschoolers

My little helper wanted to keep on playing. She ran over to our game closet and grabbed Rory’s Story Cubes. I wouldn’t have thought of these as a toddler/ preschool game, but she was right on. J rolled the cubes and then told a story using one cube at a time. Then she passed the cubes over and I took my turn.

Rory’s Story Cubes come in 3 variations: Action, Voyages and Original. Each pack includes 4 play ideas and has even more fun Story Cube game ideas. Love it!!!

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What are your favorite games for toddlers and preschoolers?

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