for the LOVE of cars ~ car track painting

Big M loves cars.  He has since he was a baby.  We counted once.  At the time he had 214, but we’ve been through a birthday and Christmas since then so who knows how many he has now!  The great thing is that he really does love each and everyone of them.  He has a purpose for each one, and knows where almost everyone came from.  For this activity of love we used Big M’s very favorite thing to create some pretty cool tracks.

what you need:   cars ~ tempera paint ~ construction paper

I put a little blue paint on a paper plate and had Big M roll his cars through.  Then it was to the paper for some racing!  That’s it, simple enough right?
Big M was at the art table longer than he usually is.  I wonder why!

Tips(to maximize learning):  1.  When you are deciding which cars to use, look at the wheels.  I picked some that were flat and smooth, some that had deep tread and some that were extra wide.  2. Put something under the picture, like newspaper or a table cloth.  This activity is just begging for a large range of motion and you don’t want to have to stop your driver when they are in the middle of making a U turn!

What things does your little one LOVE???


  1. My kids have done this at preschool! I love it! Another idea is to get a large box and paint and objects that roll(balls, jacks, cars, etc) and coat them in paint and put them in the box and roll them around! Fun times for all!
    From SITS!

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