Family Book Club Week 2: A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

We’re back with week 2 of the second Family Book Club. This book is rather short, so we’ll be wrapping up next week. I would love for you to leave book recommendations for a third Family Book Club in the comments (or email me at Once we are into the new year I will get it scheduled.

family book club (week 2) A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

Reading Goal

This week read chapters 5 -8.

A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Discussion Questions & Activities

At our house the kids are close in age (9 and 7) but I know that’s not true for a lot of you. I try to mix the discussion questions with some for younger kids and some for older kids. I recommend you simplify any questions that you feel need to be or expand on questions as you’re chatting away.

Use whichever questions you think will interest your kids and skip the ones you don’t want to ask. Let these questions be a guide, don’t be afraid to change them up or come up with your own questions. There are no right answers and the idea is to get your family talking.

Chapter 5 – Discussion Questions

  • In Chapter 5 Annie apologizes for the situation they are in. Why do you think she feels like she should apologize? Why does Jack tell her not to worry about it? Have you ever wanted to apologize for something? How did you feel before saying sorry? How did you feel after?
  • Jack and Annie are chased by a crowd that thinks they have stolen a bag. Talk about the reasons the crowd assumes they have stolen the bag. Can you think of a way that Jack and Annie might be able to prove it is Jacks bag? What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

Chapter 6 – Discussion Questions

  • There is a quote on page 60. “Remember, goodness dresses in rags and patches as often as it dresses in velvet and silk.” What do you think that means?
  • Mr. Dickens talks a lot about the hardworking kids in chapter 6. How do you think he feels about kids working? What clues do you have about the way he feels? Do you agree or disagree with him? Why?

Chapter 7 – Discussion Questions

  • The other dinner guests are excited to speak with Mr. Dickens. How does he feel about talking to them? Has anyone ever compliment you for something you have done? Talk about that. How does it feel to be told that someone likes what you have done or created?
  • Jack and Annie are there to help Mr. Dickens but they are not sure what he needs help with. Do you have any ideas of what he needs? What seems to be upsetting him?

Chapter 8 – Discussion Question & Activity

  • Charles Dickens worries that writing isn’t enough to change the world. Can you think of reasons that writing is important? Think of all the different types of stories you read. How are stories and writings important to you?
  • ACTIVITY – Print out this writing prompt and have some fun telling your own story. (Here is a drawing prompt for younger kids.) If the prompt doesn’t inspire you, grab a blank piece of paper and create you’re own story.

Check in through the week. Leave ideas and discussion questions of your own in the comment section. Or just let us know you are reading along! Happy reading. 

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