Family Book Club Week 3: A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Wrap Up

This week we’ll be wrapping up our second round of the Family Book Club. Check out the bottom of this post for round 3 details.

Reading Goal

This week read chapters 9 -11.

Family book club week 3 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time

A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Discussion Questions & Activities

Chapter 9 – Discussion Questions

  • The first ghost takes Charles Dickens to visit himself as a child. What do you know about the boy? Use the words and picture for clues. Why does he smile? What does that tell you about books and stories?
  • The second ghost shows Charles Dickens how his books affect other people. Can you think of a book that has been important to you? Why was it important? How did it make you feel? What did it make you think about?

Chapter 10 – Discussion Question

  • In Chapter 10 Charles Dickens decides that he does want to continue writing, it is important and he loves it. Talk about things that you do on your own (or as a family) that are important. They can be important for a lot of different reasons. What makes them important? Then talk about things that bring you joy. Can you find anything that is on both lists? If not, what can you do to find joy in the important things you do? Can you find a way to make the things that bring you joy important (hint: maybe some of them already are!)

Chapter 11 – Discussion Question

  • Jack and Annie were on a long adventure. The book ends with them headed for home. What do you think they are looking forward too? What would you miss if you were gone for a while?

Wrap Up Activity

  • Watch A Christmas Carol movie. Pick a version you like or find a new one. It could be really fun to watch a few different versions. Compare the versions to each other. What is the same in every version? What is different? After reading the book you have a better idea of how the story might have come about. Talk about it! What do you think Charles Dickens was trying to say with this story? What did he want people to think about?

We’ll be taking a break from the Family Book Club over the holidays. We’ll start back up on January 17, 2015 with Classic Starts™: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I’ll be giving away 3 copies of the book starting January 3. If you don’t want to miss it make sure you are signed up for my Newsletter. Happy reading!


  1. My kids and I cannot wait to follow along with you when we read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 🙂 Thank you! Love your Family Book Club!!!

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