FAIRY house

Did you see our Fairy Play and Book Review yesterday?  You should.  Of course after so much talk about these mysterious little creatures we all wanted to create a little bit more fairy magic.  Luckily I had packed such a big box for our extended sleep over.

fairy house making supplies
recycled containers (chip container, milk carton, cookie cups)
~craft sticks
~colored tape
~hot glue guns

Once the kids had picked which container they wanted to use, I handed them a sharpie and asked them to draw a fairy door on their fairy house.

 Watching them work is always so much fun.  (And also extremely inspiring.)

Cousin J tried some tape… but ended up frustrated pretty quickly.  She moved on to this really cool simple toddler learning experience.

Cousin T practiced writing…

And added the coolest details.  Do you see the flower box and the guitar laying next to the house?  She was the only one who put her door up high.  “Because fairies fly.”

Have you made a fairy house?  I would love to see it… you can upload a picture on to my Facebook page.


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