make your own VOLCANIC eruption

Make your own volcanic eruption???  Heck ya, that sounds fun!  It’s easy too, very little clean up and super inexpensive… all of my favorite things wrapped into one.

Big M found two volcano books at the library and since I have so many fun learning activities stashed away in my Pinterest Boards we were ready to get experimenting.  (And I was prepared… YAHOO!)

Place a little wax in the bottom of a heat resistant glass container.  (We actually tried this experiment the day before using an old glass pickle jar.  Hubs decided it wasn’t safe after a couple of minutes on the flame… I’ll go with his judgment on that one.)

We used a tea light candle.

Cover the wax with a layer of sand, then add cold water to the container.

Place the container on an open flame.  It took only minutes for the wax to heat up and burst to the surface.  SO NEAT!  I didn’t get a good picture of the eruption or the finished product.  (Guess I was a little too wrapped up in this one to remember to take a picture… glad that doesn’t happen often!)

Ours didn’t look nearly as cool as the Storm in A Tea Cup anyway (that’s where I found this cool idea).  Lesson learned… the activity doesn’t always have to turn out just like you hoped for the kids to have fun and learn something exciting!!!

This post is a part of the Volcano lesson plan.


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