Creative Kid Table Week 7: Draw a Story

It’s week 7 of the Creative Kid Table series. It’s been the perfect way to entertain the kids this summer while inspiring a little creative play.

In this post, I’ll share some fun ideas for getting kids to draw. You might also like blindfolded drawing.

draw a story - simple storytelling prompts

Creative Kid Table Week 7: Draw a Story

Today’s prompt encourages a couple of my favorites! Art and storytelling.

Tips for successful creative play:

  • Set out story cubes, cards, or prompts.  If you don’t have store-bought story cubes, write out (or draw) a few story prompts. Keep them simple. (A bat, a flower, a rain cloud, a person sitting, a person running, etc.) We love Rory’s Story Cubes. (affiliate link).
  • Set out colored pencils and plain white paper.

Questions to get your kids started:

  • “Roll three of the cubes. What scene can you create using those three ideas?”
  • “Pick 5 of the cards I drew for you. Use one to start your picture and then add to it using the other 4 cards. “
  • “You start a picture with the cube that you rolled. I’ll roll a cube and add something, then your brother will roll and finish it up.”

More storytelling fun:

Add your favorite storytelling activity in the comment section.

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