start a new CHRISTMAS tradition. . .conversation jar

I am so excited about this activity.  It combines two inspirations that have touched our home.  Years ago. . . and I am mean YEARS AGO. . . before I was a wife and mother, a d.j. on one of my favorite stations was talking about a nightly ritual his family loved.  He said that his family always said the best thing that happened to them through out the day, as well as the worst thing that had happened.  We call it “Best and Worst”, and we’ve been doing this since the kids were old enough to talk.

The second half of the inspiration for this idea, came from a favorite blog of mine; Inner Child Fun. In mid November the post Gratitude Activity Jar caught my eye.  We had so much fun with this jar, filling it with people and things we are thankful for.  Everyday the kids would remind me to draw a paper to find out what our “thankful activity” would be for the day.

So here I have combined the two and  created our very own Conversation Jar.

Christmas Tradition… Conversation Jar

Christmas tradition

what you need: construction paper ~ sharpie ~ jar ~ fabric ~ a little brainpower

I started prepping the conversation topics about a week before I put the jar together.  While M & M were eating snack I pulled out a piece of scratch paper and a pen.  I told them my plan to make a jar, they were very excited!  It was  a sad day when there was nothing to pull from our Thanksgiving Jar.  I started with a topic, and then we went around in a circle until we had about 2 weeks worth of discussion topics.  My favorite came from Big M,  “What’s your favorite thing in space?”  I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say about that!  After we had a good list, I grabbed a piece of construction paper.

Now for the jar, it is important to find a beautiful piece of fabric, measure, and sew the edges up nice and neat. . . or you can do what I did.
I dug into my Christmas scrap box and found a piece of fabric that almost covered the jar,  I didn’t iron, or cut anything.  I just pulled the fabric up and tied the longer strip around the top.  This couldn’t have been easier and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Tips(to maximize learning):  1.  Since language is one of the main goals of this activity, try to keep your kids talking.  Ask questions about their response.  2.  Be honest with your kids when you answer the question. Make sure to use words that will expand their vocabulary and have fun with it!

What fun things does your family enjoy together?  Leave a comment, maybe you will inspire someone else!


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