Color Sorting Activities for Toddlers

Please welcome a special guest, Allison McDonald from No Time for Flash Cards. Allison is here to share 7 color sorting activities for toddlers! YAY!

Toddlers are my absolute favorite age group. They are an impossibly adorable balance of baby and teenager. They want independence but only when they want it and usually when you don’t. What I adore is that they want to know everything, learn everything, and are usually game for any activity you are offering. If your toddler resists activities please don’t push, these are just for fun.

I gathered together some of my very favorite toddler activities that work on sorting. Sorting is an important skill but the reason I love it is that most toddlers are natural sorters. It creates a sense of order, it also works on their ability to recognize patterns which aids in their math and reading skills down the road.

7 color sorting activities for toddlers... great list!

Color Sorting Activities for Toddlers

Indoor Bug Hunt and Color Sorting by No Time For Flash Cards
Crayon Sorting from Hands On As We Grow
Feed The Lego Monster by Toddler Approved
Color Sorting with Playdough by No Time For Flash Cards
Caterpillar Color Sorting by Toddler Approved
Gross Motor Color Sorting by Hands On As We Grow
Color Sorting with Duplo! by No Time For Flash Cards

Allison McDonald  Allison McDonald is the preschool teacher a mom behind No Time For Flash Cards. She loves glitter, coffee, and her     family. She also loves everything there is to do with teaching through hands on activities.

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