Creative Kid Table Week 9: Cutting

YAY!!! I was so happy to hear such great things about the Creative Kid Table from my email friends. Since so many of you enjoyed the 8 week series I decided to extend it a bit. Are you one of my email friends? You should be! (Sign up here!)

creative prompt... cutting

My Mom has a favorite memory of when my sister and I were little. I know it’s her favorite because she shares it again and again. She talks about us cutting for hours. No goal in mind or end product in sight… just cutting to cut. Isn’t it funny how the simple things stand out?!?

Today’s creative kid table is inspired by that memory. Cutting to cut…

Creative Kid Table Week 9: Cutting

  • Day one. Set out scissors and paper. Offer magazines, grocery ads and catalogs. Newspaper, construction paper and card stock would be great additions as well. Place two or three envelops on the table as well OR leave an empty basket in the middle of the table.
  • Day two. Replace the paper with fabric scraps. Try to provide different textures and patterns. You can get fabric pieces from some craft stores or keep scraps from clothes that are on their way out.
  • Day three. Fill a basket or envelops with scraps from the piles of cuttings left after day one and day two. Offer blank paper and glue or tape.

Tips for successful creative play:

  • Take it one day at a time. If your little one wants to use the cuttings right away… let them. If cutting paper doesn’t seem to interest your kids try again the next day with fabric
  • Keep day three under wraps. Let them cut for the fun of cutting. And if they are really loving it, skip day three.

Do your kids love cutting as much as mine do? 


  1. I love your idea of changing the presentation each day.

    I like to use different textured papers for cutting- shiny paper from adverts, delicate tissue paper, brown envelopes, embossed wallpaper. Straws and thin card are great fun to snip too, and easier for younger kids to hold than paper. I also use anything interesting that I have to hand, like gift wrap ribbon or thin string.

    Another way I like to change it up is to add a hole punch, or a decorative punch, and show the kids how to punch out shapes: they can then glue both the shapes, and the leftover holes, on to a bigger piece of paper

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