Awesome boy gifts… full of fun and learning

It is fair to say that I am not a shopper. I never have been and imagine I never will be. Standing in the toy isle trying to decide which toys will be a hit on the fun scale (while adding a little education value) is not how I like to spend an afternoon. So when I came across these three gifts I thought I would pass along the idea (just in case you’re like me) and save you the guess work. 😉

Boy Gifts #1… MONEY

Um yeah… no brainer right? Kids (and adults) all like money but it can feel like a thoughtless gift, which often steers me away from using cash as a present. For Big M’s birthday this year his Nana came up with something brilliant (and simple).

boy gifts

She wrapped an old vitamin bottle with blue yarn (to fancy it up a bit). Then she filled it to the brim with coins. My very favorite part of the gift is when she leaned over and offered a challenge. “I have no idea how much is in there, you’ll have to let me know after you count it.” Simply brilliant!

Big M sorted and counted the coins, enjoying every second. In the end he had $15.10 (and the fun of figuring that out)!

Boy Gifts #2… Creative Contraptions

Do you have a Lego lover? I do!!! We invent fun Lego activities whenever we can. So I was not one bit surprised when Big M used his birthday gift card to buy Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Kit by Klutz. The kit is awesome! It comes with everything your little boy needs to get creating.

boys gifts

 Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Kit by Klutz includes:

~16 fantastic projects. Most contraptions move in some way or another. Big M loves that! They come together easily and leave room for modifications. I love that!
~Picture directions (perfect for my new reader).
~Extra tips, tricks and expanded directions that need a bit stronger reading skills (great for this mom who still likes to feel needed).
~A challenge to make your own contraptions complete with tips on how to plan, build and use Legos for effective movement.

Boy Gift #3… Explorer Kit

This one was a lucky find. While researching Explorer books for our Backyard Explorer Dress Up I found Explorer: A Daring Guide for Young Adventurers. M and M both fell in love with it. (And quite frankly so did I!)

boy gifts

Explorer: A Daring Guide for Young Adventurers is an adventure in itself. Each of the 13 pages offers on element of the journey. The author speaks of the reader’s next adventure and sets the tone for what I hope will be some great imaginary adventures. The book has flip pages and pop-ups through out.

 Lessons In Exploration (the very cleverly, named table of contents) lists the valuable lessons you will find inside such as An Explorer’s Tool Kit: Being Prepared. I love the list that accompanies this one because the author doesn’t only take into account regular old adventures, he also offers recommendations depending on the type of adventure you have planned. After all polar expeditions, jungle expeditions, desert adventures  and ocean voyages will all require different  tools and supplies!

Anyway… I suppose I could go on and on about this one. We are buying it as a Christmas gift and will be collecting the recommended tools. M and M will be presented with a full Explorer Kit by the time we are done!

 What boy gifts were winners at your house?

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  1. My preschooler loves anything that involves tinkering and solving, so Legos are a hit, as are building blocks, puzzles and play dough!

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