Book Review – COLORS

There are so many books that focus on color.  These first three books were all a part of our preschool library, and I am excited to share them with M and M now.

color books for kids

The Crayon Box that Talked

by Shane Derolf     Illustrated by Michael Letzig

A very wise little girl stumbles upon a box of crayons that can’t seem to get along, read how she shows each and every one of them just how important the other is!  The message of friendship is just as fun and creative as the description of each color.

color books for kids

My Crayons Talk

by Patricia Hubbard     Illustrated by G. Brian Karas

What is extra special about this book?  The super cute pictures?  The feeling expressed with color?  The sing song verse that lends itself to dramatic storytelling?  I think its the way the creators of this book cleverly included gold and silver.

color books for kids

Mouse Paint

by Ellen Stoll Walsh

If you want to learn about mixing colors this is the book for you!  Three mice take you through an adventure as they mix red, blue and yellow, finding three new colors.  This book is perfect to pair with Mixing Colors.

color books for kids

Posey Paints a Princess

by Harriet Ziefert    illustrated by Yukiko Kido

Posey is a sweet little character with many painting tools, a friend with great ideas and a mother who supplies her with everything she needs to complete a masterpiece.  I especially love a book that give me an idea. . .title your pictures.  Why haven’t I thought of that?  What a great idea.  Thanks Posey!

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