CHRISTMAS Book Review #2

We have a Christmas library.  Some books are the ones I grew up reading, some are books that I found while teaching preschool, some are brand new.  Here are 3 of the books I wait all year to bring out. Check out Christmas Book Review #1 for 3 more we love.

Christmas Book Review

Christmas Book

Claude the Dog: A Christmas Story

By Dick Gackenbach

Claude the Dog is from my childhood.  The story is so simple.  The pictures are so simple.  And the message, that love is the best Christmas gift, is clear.  I will continue to read it to my kids and I suspect this will be one that my kids will read to their kids.

Christmas Book

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

By Karma Wilson   Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Bear is such a fun character.  In this one, Bear’s friends want nothing more than for him to join into their Christmas celebration.  Bear wants to enjoy his friends, but he is so tired.  Will he make it to Christmas day?  You’ll have to read it to find out!

Christmas Book

Mouse’s First Christmas

By Lauren Thompson    Illustrated by Buket Erdogan

One of my favorite things about this book is the way the words and pictures leave a little room for guessing.  What is Mouse finding as he explores the house on Christmas Eve? Santa even stops by with a little something to tell Mouse.

What are your Christmas book is a must read at your house?

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