BEAD Painting …a little more facebook fun

Hubs helped me with one of the BEAD projects and I am hoping to get him to do the write up (he’s pretty funny=)!

Melissa suggested a bead painting activity and I thought it was a wonderful idea!  I just so happened to have an empty oatmeal container laying around and the little ones had some extra energy to burn off, so we made it a movement bead painting project.

what you need: paper ~ oatmeal container ~ beads ~ paint ~ energy

Little M helped by taking pictures while I cut paper strips to fit inside the oatmeal container.

We placed the paper inside, wrapping it against the edge of the container.

We used the beads from the broken seat cover.

Covered them in paint.

Dumped the painted beads into the container.

Then we got busy moving.  We rolled the container.  Tossed it back and forth like a ball.

Rolled it down the slide.  Rolled it up the slide.  We would stop every so often to see what was happening inside the container.  We added paint as needed.

We actually did quite a few movements with the container, but didn’t get a lot of pictures because we were far too busy playing.

The bead painting activity was so much fun.  I replaced the paper a couple of times while we played and each one looked so different.  I decided that since the paper was so pretty I would cut them out and glue them onto the front of a folded piece of construction paper.  Don’t they make cute little note cards?

If you’ve been around here I’m sure you know just how fabulous my Hubs is…doesn’t it make you wonder what type of incredible bead project he created?  Come on over to my Facebook page and help me convince him to write the post!!!


  1. Those are fabulous. I love this idea especially for little ones that love tossing things back and forth. I think your hubby totally should do a post about what he would do with the beads.

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