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Welcome! I’m guessing Shark Tank has sent you in search of Veggie Mama! Don’t worry I will send you on your way (with a rave review of course). But before you go… check out some of the fun ways we play around here. And maybe pop over to my Pinterest page… there is all kinds of playful learning going on over there!

Little M loves mushrooms and Big M would eat avocados all day if I let him.  For the most part they eat their fruits and veggies… but the truth is they are missing out on some nutritious vegetables that would really do their bodies good.  Veggie Mama has figured out a way to make sure the kids are getting those important veggies while enjoying a yummy snack.

YUM! Veggie Mama

When M and M saw the bright package they were interested right away.

YUM! Veggie Mama

When I told them to go ahead an grab one they were ecstatic.

The next day when I told them to have another.  Big M said “YES!”  Ummm… I think he likes them. 😉

Now that you know what the kids think are you curious what I think?   The biggest plus for me is that Garden Pops don’t completely hide the flavor of the vegetables.  As a parent my ultimate goal is to get my kids to love vegetables.  While I understand the idea of hiding vegetables to get the kids eating them, this product is exciting because it gets kids used to the flavor in a fun way.  Next time I bring cucumbers to the table I expect M and M will connect it to the healthy snack they love so much!


Would you like to try some Veggie Mama Garden Pops?  Lucky for you Veggie Mama is offering a giveaway.  YIPPEE!

Giveaway Rules

Two easy ways to enter for two chances to win.  Giveaway will be open until Saturday, May 12, 2012.

1.  Head on over to Veggie Mama and check out the flavor combinations they offer.  Come back here and tell me which one looks the best to you!

2.  Like Veggie Mama on Facebook.  Come back here and tell me about it!

*USA entries only…. sorry*

Veggie Mama provided me with the Garden Pops for this review.

This giveaway is closed.

Carolyn is the winner!  Her comment “Sweet potatoes I would expect my db to love the most however cucumber is a veggie variety we need to add to our dinner table.” was randomly selected. Congrats Carolyn.

Anyone who didn’t win can head over to Veggie Mama and buy a box to try out.  It’s worth it… trust me. 😉


  1. The Sweet Potato Pie would probably be my kids’ favorite, but I love the Citrus Cucumber!!

  2. Carrot Berry sounds the BEST to me but I am sure I would like them all!!! I know my kids would LOVE them.

    Well as of now there are 80 likes on her FB and it was founded in April of 2012 and I love the photo of her with the kids in front of the garden.

  3. What a brilliant idea! Just like most parents, I struggle with getting veggies in my kids’ mouths. The carrot berry looks like one they would gobble up, but really, they all look yummy to me.

  4. Yummy! The sweet potato pie looks awesome! I love that they are gluten free, so my kiddos can eat these!

  5. I would love to try them all, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Citris Cucumber, it just sounds so refreshing.

  6. They all look delicious. I think I’d try the Citrus Cucumber first, but I’d want to try them all.

  7. Sweet potatoes I would expect my db to love the most however cucumber is a veggie variety we need to add to our dinner table.

  8. My favorite is the sweet potato pie because it’s creamy and the flavor is great! My grandson loved the carrot berry.

  9. I liked them on Facebook! The Carrot/Berry sounds yummy. Being a vegetarian these pops are amazing and I can’t wait to try them with my son, Sebastian!! Thank you!

  10. These look interesting. We would probably like the Carrot berry and/or Citrus Cucumber. Thanks.

  11. Can’t wait to try them all! But I think B would really love the cucumber citrus. It reminds me of the spa water we have in the shop….which he calls “fancy water” lol.

  12. I just liked you on Facebook. These look wonderful! I think the citrus cucumber sound so refreshing.

  13. Tara forwarded me your info! just liked you on FB :). looking forward to reading your posts!

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