Do you wish you had more control over your life?

Parenthood isn't as straight forward as you imagined it would be. 

  • You're overwhelmed. (The nature of parenting requires an unnerving mix of structure & flexibility.)
  • You feel alone. (Those other mom's seem to have it all figured out.)
  • Your to do list is never ending. (You have no time to focus on the things that really matter to you and your family.)

For you, Overwhelmed Mom...

the personalized support you need. 

What if you had a Parenting Crew?

A safe & uplifting place to talk out concerns that keep you from being the parent you want to be

Crew Meetings are held weekly from July 9th - December 17th

Experience the power of a meeting of moms... 
within Your Crew

  • Your confidence will blossom in the weekly online meetings. 
  • Find power in supporting other moms as you help them work through struggles. 
  • Engage with like minded parents in these one hour meetings 
  • By joining The Crew you set yourself up to build lasting connections, learn skills for brainstorming parenting solutions and take advantage of the established structure to grow as a parent

Each Crew Member will be embraced in the Solution Seat
4 times.

Unpack your parenting challenges...
when you sit in the Solution Seat

  • Clarify a problem that is upsetting your life when you prepare for your turn in the Solution Seat.
  • Expand your understanding of this specific challenge and brainstorm possible solutions with your support crew.
  • Leave the meeting with clear action steps for tackling the problem at hand.
  • Take quick action and see results using the private Facebook Group to check in with Your Crew and share your progress.

A private Facebook group will keep you connected with your Crew between meetings.

Hold Up Others While You Become Stronger... 
when you show up as Support Crew

  • Strengthen your problem solving skills by working on problems you're not emotionally attached to. 
  • Unlock your unique parenting experience and inspire ideas in someone else. 
  • Collect "A-HA" moments while guiding other parents to solutions. 
  • Build your own confidence while celebrating the wins of each Crew member.

Give me 1 hour of your week and I'll give you the structure to create the life you want. 

The Crew is taking what I know from 5 years of structuring powerful groups of business women and bringing that insight into the world of parenting.

In each meeting we come together with:

  • Challenges (that have us stumped)
  • Mindset blocks (that make finding a solution impossible)
  • & Celebrations (that would otherwise go unnoticed)

We leave with:

  • New ideas (compiled by the group as a whole)
  • Confirmation (that we're on the right track)
  • & Confidence (that we can do these hard things

This structure has inspired and supported business women... it's time to share this with moms.

Jill Riley
Crew Leader

You could pay $150 an hour for a parenting coach & leave with the solution to your current problem...

better yet, join The Crew... 

and leave with the skills to solve parenting problems for years to come.

With The Crew you get 6 months of creating life changing solutions to the problems you're currently facing AND learn the framework to continue meeting these parenting challenges with confidence for years to come.

The Crew meetings add up to over 20 hours of meeting time... that would be $3,000 with a parenting coach, or even more with a therapist

The Crew

1 hour Weekly Online Meetings - Tuesday July 9th - Tuesday December 17

  • 20 Solution Seat Meetings (focused on one Crew Members main challenge)
  • 2 Round Up Meetings (a welcoming hello and a strong goodbye)
  • 2 Deep Dive Meetings (designed especially for this Crew)
  • A Private Facebook Group 

Join The Crew today and start taking control of your life one week at a time.

Don't hesitate! Click the button below, join The Crew and become the best version of yourself!

A group of people that ‘get it’.

Before having a mastermind group I felt alone and unable to think clearly. I feel much more grounded just having a group of people that ‘get it’.

My favorite part is being available to brainstorm for the others in the group.

It usually comes up with something I haven’t dealt with yet or haven’t thought about and is stored for future use.

Jamie - Mom of 3 

Quiet the noise and take real action.

Jill helped me to process my overwhelm and focus on the right priorities.  

Her personality and approach are both so calming and clarifying. Meeting with her helped me to quiet the noise and take real action.  

Even when I wasn't meeting my goals, she helped me to examine my process and adjust my thinking so that I would be set up for future success (rather than expecting pressure and guilt to make the change).  

Jill has gift for seeing unique options and approaches I hadn't considered.

Amanda - Mom of 4

Guidance that allows us to show up and share.

When I began working with our mastermind community I didn't know what to expect.

Jill cultivated such a diverse, caring, supportive group of women and she led us with a structure and schedule and guidance that allowed us to show up and share.

Jill's this incredible grounding force who knows how to ensure everyone stays on task, gets heard, and is coming away from the meeting experience with what they need to move forward. ​

Beryl - Mom of 1

The Crew's Easy-Peasy, Can't-Pass-It-Up Money Back Guarantee

Your membership in The Crew comes with a 100% money back guarantee... but it doesn't stop there. I promise each week you will be inspired to take action on parenting issues that have you stumped, find camaraderie through your computer screen and learn valuable problem solving skills that will stick with you for years to come. There's a good reason members of my groups bend over backwards to attend every meeting.

I take your growth as a parent very seriously and bring everything I have to every meeting. I believe in the power of The Crew so much, I'm offering a 60 day hassle-free guarantee.

 At any time within the first 60 days, if you decide these meetings for moms are not enhancing your life, simply email me at

If you are not satisfied, I would not feel right keeping your money, so I want to make it especially easy to get a refund. And just to be clear, there are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and I won't even question you. You will be refunded in full within 24 hours of your request. 

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

— C.S. Lewis

Right now is the time to decide. 

Will you choose to continue doing what you've always done and stay stuck in a parenting rut?

Or decide you deserve a change for the better and join The Crew?

Jill Riley - 2019 - Confidence Meets Parenting