Summer starts off full of
excitement + big plans

and ends with you wondering where all that time went.

Summer of Mom Workbook preview
  • Long, unstructured days with kids at  home can feel hectic and out of control. 
  • Days slip by quickly... leaving your big plans neglected
  • What promised to be the best summer yet, leaves you dreaming of  a do over. Or worse, longing for it to just end already! 

$12 for an amazing summer!

Summer of Mom Workbook

Summer starts off with feelings of excitement and a big list of plans. But the days go by much faster than you expect. 

Before you know it summer is winding down and you are left feeling defeated and disappointed. 

The Summer of Mom Workbook is just what you need!  

  1.  The workbook will help you make a realistic summer bucket list. One that you can actually complete.
  2. With clear priorities it will be easy to be intentional about how you spend your days.
  3.  Plan a summer that will leave you recharged and excited.

Summer of Mom Workbook is a printable eBook created to help you plan the best summer ever! 

$12 for an amazing summer!

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