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I’m back and oh boy did I miss my little bloggy blog.  Of course I wasn’t really gone, just working on a little behind the scenes project.   I hope you enjoyed the week of guest posts, I know I did.  Another really, really big thanks to Kim at Little Stories, Kristina at Toddler Approved, Jamie at Hands On: As We Grow, Ali at At Home With Ali, Trisha at Inspiration Laboratories, my Mom and Big M.  You showed up with such awesome posts it made stepping back a bit easier.  I was able to accomplish some big stuff.  THANK YOU!!!

Now for the letter of the week…

The Letter N was so much fun.   I knew right away how I wanted to celebrate N words.

We headed out back (because this spring weather has us outside all day) armed with a butterfly net and a stack of N words.

I tossed the N words into the air.  Little M did her best to catch a few.

Once she caught one, it was time to unfold it and read the N word.

Hmmm… I might need to work on my drawing skills.

Ah ha… nightgown!  On each card I drew a picture (the very best that I could) and wrote the word out.  I thought about including a print out for all of you but decided against it.  Just do the best you can… your kids will love your work.  We folded them in half because it made them fly better.

I left a few pieces blank and invited Little M to make the Letter N.  She also made a few of her own cards with N words I hadn’t thought of.

The N words we used were

Name tag
Nail Polish

Tips (to maximize learning): 1.  Including a word with a picture is a great, no pressure way to start working on word recognition.  2.  While you are playing emphasize the N sound.  3.  Have your little one help you come up with words.  You might leave off some that you know they are familiar with.

This post is a part of Letter of the Week series.


    1. Thank you! We had a great time. I love to get the kids thinking anytime I can… so if there is an opportunity to ask them for help I take it.

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