A happy marriage is a gift... you give yourself.

This marriage of yours, it's not a chore. It's not another box to be checked. It's not about tending to the needs of

It's a gift. A very important gift that you get to give to yourself.

The Confidence Meets Marriage Workbook is designed to make unwrapping that gift a little easier.

Confidence meets Marriage Workbook Preview

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It's hard work being a parent AND a spouse... 

Both of those roles can feel very demanding. The needs of everyone else pile up very quickly. 

Quote: Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day. by Barbara De Angelis.

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Confidence Meets Marriage Workbook

While it's true that both your spouse and your kids will benefit from a strong marriage. This time I want you to show up because YOU deserve it.  

Show up because a supportive and loving relationship that is full of connection and fun will build you up.  

And anything that builds you up will also grow your confidence in every area of your life.

1.  Use the Making Marriage a Priority section to figure out exactly what steps you can take to make your marriage stronger.

2. The Conflict Resolution for Couples section will bring clarity and kindness to your next argument. 

3. You'll find everything you need to bring the fun. From date night conversation starters to mini date ideas (that can happen in front of the kids).

Confidence meets parenting workbook preview

Confidence Meets Marriage Workbook is a printable eBook created to help you enjoy your marriage.